Who is Local SEO For (And How Can It Help You Grow Your Business?)

Use Local SEO To Drive Website Visits

SEO chart going up

¬†Search engine optimization isn’t just for big corporations or business bloggers with thousands of social media followers. SEO can be used by small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs too. It’s not the size of your company that matters, but how you optimize your website for discovery. One essential component of search engine optimization is local SEO. Making your business easy to discover on a local basis is crucial for driving new customers to your door. If you want to learn how to use local SEO to grow your business, remember the following business development tips.

1) Make sure your local business listing is optimized for Google Maps. Help potential customers easily find your company by pinpointing your location on Google Maps. An ever-increasing number of consumers are using their smartphones to connect with local companies. When you optimize your Google Maps listing for discovery, you make it super simple for customers to find your local business.

2) One of the smartest ways to optimize your website for local SEO is to add a local news section to your blog. Post fresh content on a regular basis spotlighting local events and share your new blog posts with local customers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Not only does this build your business’ reputation as a community-minded organization, it gives search engine crawlers plenty of references to locations in your area. Can you say SEO growth hack?

3) Create videos about your small business and post your video marketing to YouTube. Be sure to include the name of your city/town in the title of your video as well as in the caption you add on YouTube. You’ll often find videos at the top of Google search engine results. Incorporating a local SEO strategy into your YouTube marketing efforts is an excellent way to grow your business via visual marketing outreach.

Once you discover that local SEO can be used by businesses of all sizes, you understand its potential for significant brand growth. Failing to optimize your company’s online presence for local customers is like telling consumers in your area you’re not interested in their business. Incorporate the above-listed tips into your digital marketing efforts and watch how quickly you start to notice new customers visiting your local company.