What Makes Your Small Business So Special?

stand out in a crowd

UVP – Unique Value Proposition – is one of the basics of small business marketing. Understanding what sets you apart from competitors is the first step in developing a sustainable and believable brand position and marketing campaign. But here’s a tip – it’s not your high quality and excellent service. 

Sure, you do those things but the truth is that your competitors say the same thing about their businesses, too. Every business owner, president or CEO believes in her heart that the company provides better quality and outstanding service. Why else would they be in business? Of course that is not always the truth, but what is true is that your customers have already assumed you will be giving them great service and a high quality product or service. In fact, it’s the ante that gets you into the game – if you can’t hit that benchmark then customers will leave you. Worse, they’ll tell their friends but they probably won’t tell you.

So, if your UVP is not quality or service, what is it? This is the hard part because most business owners feel very strongly about those two attributes and want to use them in their marketing campaigns. What’s left when you remove them? The real UVP.

Other attributes that describe your company may include convenient locations, competitive pricing, unique or hard-to-find products, locally-made, hand-crafted, environmentally-friendly, etc. When you are developing your UVP, I encourage you to make a list of all the qualities of your business that customers would find valuable. Ask your employees, customers, vendors and friends for their input. Go on social media and ask. You may find that customers see value that you did not!

Understanding what truly makes you special can help your small business marketing plan get off on the right foot and give you that great position that will distinguish your business from the competition.