What is your Facebook Attitude?

Today’s blog post is a guest post by Kat Roedell. Kat is not only a business owner here in Green Cove Springs, Florida, she also has a tremendous background in a variety of corporate leadership roles. Kat is actively growing her Mary Kay business and working as a leader with a local Women in Business Network group. She is a natural marketer and I think you’ll appreciate her take on Facebook posting guidelines – Kim Deppe

What’s Appropriate for Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media forums today. Yet, time after time, I see my friends posting “I’m leaving Facebook, there is too much drama, and it’s too negative.” I am surprised and saddened to see them leave, because I know their newsfeed can be managed to make life more upbeat, and keep the drama mamas away!
graphic of person with words coming from mouthWe’ve seen the posts filled with swearing, negative comments, inappropriate pictures and stories designed milk sympathy or dollars from “friends”. It feels as if no one has a filter these days, a thought goes directly from the brain to the keyboard and the social niceties have gone out the window. When people act this way in public we see them on the Jerry Springer show – online they think they are invisible.
It is hard to remove yourself from a place where you can connect with people you haven’t been in touch with for years. Facebook is a great place to keep up with friends, talk about your interests, market your business and express your creativity. You wouldn’t stop advertising in a newspaper or radio because you didn’t like one piece. So how do you control what you see and attract the right people?
Recuse Yourself. Step away from the drama. Unfollow feeds and friends that bring drama along with them. A simple right click on a post will allow you to block a post, or unfollow someone. Right click on their name to unfriend them. This isn’t personal, this is business. If you know them well, talk to them about ways they can change their image on Facebook – some will.
Be Transparent and Real. Post touching family moments, helpful things, things that lift your spirit, and share the good stuff. Make sure your filter is established. Always keep your posts upbeat and influential. The goal is to connect with other people and build relationships.
Establish Yourself as the Expert. Publish helpful tips about industry based items that the general public will find interesting, events that are networking based, connect people to people, and people to your product – but keep the sales language to a minimum. We don’t want to hear about the how and what, we want to know your why!
No Comment. Facebook is like an open air café. You don’t know who will be wandering by, and what they will see. If someone posts something that really makes you angry, you can take the high road and ignore the post, or instant message someone to have a conversation that doesn’t need to be shared with the world. There is no requirement to “like” everything someone puts up. If you don’t like a comment someone put on your status post, hover your mouse on the right-hand side of the comment and click the remove button. If they do it frequently enough, block them or unfriend them.
Surround Yourself with Excellence. Identify trendsetters in your industry and follow them, or become a trendsetter yourself. Post a positive status every day! Add a strong visual to capture attention. If you have a critique – post a positive solution along with it. Recommend sites that are upbeat, and add substance. You are A Positive Light in the darkness – Shine Brightly!

You can E-mail Kat Roedell at katroedell@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

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