Branding 101: 5 Great Ways to Promote Your Business

You may have the best products or services in the world, but if no one is aware that your business exists, then you will have a hard time finding customers. It is vital to promote and market your business to ensure that you build a loyal following. With many competitors out there who are waiting to steal your clients, you cannot afford to be complacent. Consider these five great ways to promote your business to improve your brand’s reach and to increase your company’s profitability.

Leverage Social Media

Statistics indicate that almost four billion people in the world own a mobile device. Within these devices, there are at least two or more social media apps installed. If you want to promote your business effectively, you have to go where your clients are. Make sure you are present in all the popular social media apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. You can engage directly with your clients in these apps, allowing you to reach out easily to send updates or special deals. At the same time, you can ask them for feedback on what you can improve. With every like, share, reaction, or comment they provide, you can expand your audience reach.  In this day and age, social media is going to promote your business much more than any standard marketing tactic that might have worked in the past.  People don’t need billboards, they need a nice image on their phone to see to help them click on your business. 

Attend Trade Shows

Attending a trade show is seen as a traditional tool, but it is still an effective one that you need to incorporate into your marketing strategies. Trade shows help boost the career of your employees, and they are also great for your business because it helps you promote your products to a specialized audience. Apart from this, you are able to network with other investors and suppliers. You also gain industry knowledge which you can use for further product development.

Use Outdoor Flags

There are many flags out there for your outdoor signage options. There is a broad range of flag banners and air inflatable dancers that you can use to showcase your brand. There are standard flags, teardrop flags, feather flags, rectangle flags, tube man, retractable banners, vinyl banners, garden flags, avenue banners, flutter flags, and more. All you have to do is to pick a design that suits your business concept, include the appropriate wordings, and then hang this outside to attract attention. Since these are weather-proof, you can rest assured that they are durable. With numerous flag designs, there is a flag out there to suit every budget.  Having an eye-catching sign for your business will certainly help get people in the door. 

Employ SEO Strategies on Your Website

image of paint brush and SEOBusinesses must have an online presence to look legitimate in this tech-savvy world. Make sure that you have the best website to attract your potential clients. In a world where everyone is continually Googling, you have to make sure that your business employs SEO or search engine optimization. This means when people search for something related to your business, your listing or website ranks high in the search results. You want to be at the top ten of the ranking list. The best thing about SEO is that it is free. Having good SEO brings more traffic to your website and helps to improve your profits dramatically. If you are unsure, there are many online how-to SEO guides for free. In order to secure your target audience, your site must be primed for ultimate performance on all the search engines.

Join an Online Community

Every niche out there has a corresponding online community that you can get involved in. Signing up on this forum will allow you to see what your clients need, which will help you craft better products and marketing strategies. To be fully effective, you must also be an active poster in this forum and not just a lurker. As an active participant who comments on people’s posts, you build connections. When people are familiar with you, you can post about your business offerings without annoying the other members. Doing this allows you to create a rapport with your community of clients. You can also passively promote by putting your website link beneath your signature.  

Final Word

There are numerous ways to get your brand out there. Promoting your products and services is an essential component to your company’s success. This is not a one-shot deal that will get you results overnight. You must continuously work hard on marketing to ensure that you will always have your clients’ attention. Remember that with any of these tactics it takes time, so be patient. You will reap the benefits if you stay consistent with your marketing.

 Guest post by Samantha Higgins. Samantha is a professional writer with a passion for research, observation, and innovation. She is nurturing a growing family of twin boys in Portland, Oregon with her husband. She loves kayaking and reading creative non-fiction.