Should You Outsource Your Marketing?

Most of my clients do not have a Marketing Department, but a few have someone either in a marketing role or who has been assigned to those duties. Often, that individual is juggling other responsibilities and may not even have any marketing background or experience.  marketing people
This is where I can really help an organization. I spent 25-plus years in the corporate marketing world as an executive, managing all aspects of advertising, public relations, and online marketing. I bring all of that with me when I work with a smaller business, along with a team of people who are experts in website design, graphic design, etc.
Trying to DIY – do it yourself – may help your company avoid paying an outside firm, but it may not actually be saving you money. Knowing where to use your limited marketing resources to drive the most business is important. Deppe Communications can help you look at your marketing activities, create a plan for going forward, and deliver the materials and support you need to grow your business.