Using Social Media To Market Your Business

Many businesses are afraid to use social media to promote their products or services. They worry that inappropriate information can be shared. Or worse – that someone will say something bad about them.

The truth is that your business is probably already part of the social media world, whether you know it or not. 91% of online consumers actively participate in social media. Nine of 10 mobile searches leads to some kind of action, and about half of those develop into a sales lead. People are talking about you, posting reviews, searching for you, and sharing information about you on social media. The question is, are you listening? Do you know what they are saying and, most importantly, are you making sure the right message is out there? Deppe Communications is a Jacksonville, FL based marketing agency that can help you answer the questions you have about social media and get you started on a productive marketing effort that will increase the visibility of your business.



Social Media is an Important Marketing Tool

One in seven people around the world uses Facebook and the average user has 130 friends. More than half of all Americans are on Facebook, and the social sharing site reached 1 Billion users at the end of 2012, with over 618 million people using it daily. Twitter reaches 175 million tweets every day, Instagram has 7.3 million daily users and 90 million people use Google +. Harnessing that kind of power and influence can help your business spread the word quickly. Using social media can increase traffic to your website, generating leads for your business at a 60% cost lower than traditional outbound marketing methods like call centers. Many businesses are experiencing increases in sales and leads through their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media efforts.

Social Media is Gaining Importance During Crisis Events – Watch My Presentation On Using Social Media for Your Business

5 Tips for Using Social Media for Your Business

1. Set up separate business and personal accounts. You don’t want to mix your Aunt Hattie’s rant about the football team with information about your newest location.

2. Don’t sell. Ever. Talk about what you are doing in the community, your newest location, or something interesting you just read. Social medial is just that – social. It is about building relationships.

3. Remember it is a tool, not a strategy. Integrate social media with your other marketing efforts and they will build on each other and enhance your efforts.

4. Be authentic and relevant. Don’t make things up, don’t try to be a different persona than what your customers would find if they visited you in person. Consumers want the information you have, so make sure you are giving them what they are looking for.

5. Be Selective. It is hard to take on Twitter, Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. all at once. Choose one or two to start with and keep up with regular posts. Comment on other people’s posts to boost your efforts.

Deppe Communications Can Help With Your Social Media Marketing

If you are not involved yet, and need some help getting set up, contact us at (904) 524-0170 or E-mail us with the form below. Or, if you have a social media page but aren’t sure if it is generating results, give us a call. We will help you analyze the role of social media in your business marketing.

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