One of the most powerful social media platforms for small businesses

LinkedIn this, LinkedIn that. You hear about it very often, but what exactly is it? Why is it so important? How can it help your small business? I’ll tell you.

What is LinkedIn?   

It is known as THE B2B (Business-to-Business) social networking site. It has approximately 135 million users in more than 200 countries, and it keeps growing with two new members every second. LinkedIn was formerly viewed as the place to post your resume and search for a job, but it has grown into a booming networking site for business professionals. You create a profile for your business, add connections and share information.

Why is LinkedIn so important?   

Think of it as being a place where your company’s profile page acts as a resume for your business. Your resume is what sells your personal brand, right? Your profile on LinkedIn is what sells your company’s brand. And as a business owner, you know just how important selling yourself and your brand are.

How can it help a small business like yours?

It can help in more ways than you can imagine! LinkedIn allows you to provide credibility and authenticity to your business because it shows visitors that you are serious about your brand. When you promote yourself and your business to someone at an event, the next step they usually take is to look you up online. And considering you already have a website, your LinkedIn page will add weight and act as a supplement, showing more of what you are about.

A LinkedIn page can further help your business because it’s essentially a free marketing tool. Just by knowing which keywords or phrases you want to rank for, you can easily boost your presence in search engine results through the copy on your LinkedIn page.

In addition to being a platform for you to showcase your business, LinkedIn can help in sales with its advanced search capabilities. The people in your network could aid your next sale—think about the people in their network who they can spread the word to, or better yet, who you can reach out to. This is a valuable tool because sometimes it’s not only about who you know; it’s about who they know.

According to many marketing experts, LinkedIn should no longer be optional for small businesses. It is a must have, and it is one of the most important platforms. Companies without it are truly missing out on the power it holds for business growth.