Meet the Boss: A Social Media hub for small business owners


We join clubs and groups to socialize and network, but mainly to be among like-minded people. That’s why many business owners have social media accounts. We want to network and socialize for the sake of our business. But I know it can be a hassle to search for and attract such like-minded people through popular social media platforms, especially if time is limited.

Luckily, sites such as Meet The Boss eliminate that problem. Its users are business executives from various industries who network, communicate, and share and gain knowledge. As a business owner, you will fit right in. While you still have to do a little searching to find the right people to connect with, gone are the days where you have to search extensively.

The best thing is that it caters to everyone. Whether you’re just starting out, you’re a seasoned business professional who wants to gain new knowledge, or you’re an expert looking to share your knowledge, Meet The Boss is great for you!

It prides itself on being “the platform for better business conversations,” which explains why it is also used by many members as a problem-solving tool. We find ourselves at times facing different challenges in our industries, but hearing how other people overcome them can not only be helpful, but inspiring. With Meet the Boss, users facing such challenges can select a fellow executive, visit their profile and initiate a video call to engage in a discussion. By doing this, you have a new connection, great advice and exposure to new markets.

When you can spare a little time—I know this is hard, but it may be worth it—to dedicate to Meet the Boss, tell me about your experience.