Is Your Business Sinking? Top Strategies to Stay Afloat

By Hannah Whittenly

If you’re having trouble keeping your business afloat, there are steps you can take to stay operating. By taking these steps, you can possibly eliminate the problems that are hampering your efforts. These four strategies can help you stay in business.image of marketing strategy tools

Reduce Your Expenses

Cutting some of your company’s costs is a great way to keep your business afloat. suggests eliminating the discretionary spending such as company summer outings and holiday parties. Limiting the number of times that you travel for business should also be considered. If you lease office space and can work out an agreement with the landlord to reduce monthly payments, this may be another useful option. Reducing expenses might even involve having to lay off some of your employees or limiting their compensation.

Redirect Your Focus

Redirecting your business efforts can take your company in a more positive direction. You may have to change your business model or target customer base. Changing the type of product or service that you’re selling might also be necessary if you’re having trouble making sales. Another way to redirect your focus is to try rebranding your business to attract more widespread attention. Before making any changes, do a comprehensive analysis of your business to find out what’s working and what isn’t.

Attend Marketing Workshops

These workshops can provide you with tools to jumpstart your business efforts and leave you feeling more motivated. The Rainmaker Retreat is just one example of a marketing workshop that legal professionals have used to get ahead in their industry. While attending a workshop that is specific to your industry, you’ll receive guidance on how to increase your revenue and referrals. You’ll also learn ways to outsmart your competitors and retain a loyal customer base. Many of these workshops are held over two-day periods and cover a variety of practical topics.

Keep up with the Latest Marketing Trends

Another way to expand upon your marketing and achieve greater business success is to stay updated on the latest marketing tactics. Many companies today have turned to digital marketing to get ahead in the business world. Social media is constantly evolving, and you should have eye-catching pages on the newest sites to keep customers intrigued. Creating fresh blogs that rank high on search engines will also garner more attention. If your budget allows, getting a current celebrity to endorse your company can be a wise investment.

Saving your business and taking it to a whole new level is possible. By putting in the extra effort and making the right changes, you’re sure to yield great results.


Today’s Guest Post is By Hannah Whittenly, a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.