Mobile Marketing Missteps You Should be Aware of

image of cartoon man with cell phone

You Can’t Afford To Ignore Mobile Users

image of cartoon man with cell phone

The number of mobile internet users is quickly ballooning towards 5 billion. This is a significant portion of your consumers. As such, it’s wise for all companies to have mobile marketing plans in place. Even though mobile can be lucrative, successfully marketing to people with smart phones and tablets isn’t always as easy. Below are some common missteps you should be sure to avoid.

Not Optimizing Your Content for Mobile

These days, all your content should be optimized for mobile platforms. When a potential customer accesses your website, they should find pages that scroll up and down as opposed to left to right. All text should be clearly legible, and all buttons and links must be able to be clicked on a touch screen. Talk to professionals to see if your site has been properly optimized. 

Relying on QR Codes

QR codes were a fad that quickly passed. While the idea of scanning a mysterious pattern with an app to reveal a message, discount, or something else was novel originally, consumers have seemingly tired of the trend. Research has shown that marketing campaigns that relied on QR codes produced rather mixed results.

Not Taking Advantage of Project Management Software

If you decide to launch a mobile marketing campaign, make sure you take advantage of project management software like LANDESK by using it to help drive your campaign. You can use the software to designate tasks, control budgeting, and track feedback and mobile conversions.

Not Marketing Your App

One mistake many companies make is thinking that apps sell their selves. If you have invested a significant amount of money and resources into developing an app for your company, you must also make the appropriate effort to raise awareness among the public of your app. Don’t expect results from simply dumping it into the app store.

Not Measuring Engagement

Just because your app has a high level of downloads does not mean your mobile marketing campaign is successful. If a person only uses the app once and never again, you have failed. Instead, one of your goals should be producing customer engagement that has the ability to last for the long term. This way, you will produce a solid revenue stream from that app.

Mobile isn’t a trend that will disappear anytime soon. It has fundamentally changed how people use the internet and purchase products and services. However, you must also be smart about how you design your apps as well as your mobile marketing campaigns. If you make serious mistakes, you could be losing a lot of money.