5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Today’s guest blogger is Lizzie Howard, a Colorado native who after graduating from the University of Colorado spends her time as a freelance writer. When Lizzie isn’t writing, she enjoys going on hikes, baking for her friends and family, and spending time with her beloved yellow lab, Sparky. You can reach her at lizzie.writer.howard@gmail.com.

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Happy Customers Tell Others (So Do Unhappy Customers)

Providing quality customer service is more important than ever, considering the transparency and visibility the internet provides. Even a small handful of unhappy customers can immeasurably damage your business. Fortunately, improving the quality of your business’ customer service is as easy as following a few simple practices. You can start with the suggestions listed below.

Know Your Customers

Before you make any attempt to boost the quality of customer service you provide, you should have some idea as to what groups make up your customer base. Using data analytics can help you pinpoint those demographic groups, so you’ll know who makes up the largest portion of your customers. By targeting those groups, you can customize the services and messages your business sends. This will give you a better brand image by showing customers that you see them.

Communicate With Your Customers

The internet provides the resources businesses need to interact with their customers, but few businesses take advantage of these opportunities. You can use your social media accounts to find out how consumers are interacting with your brand and products. You can also ask them questions that will give you more insight into how and why they’re interacting with your business. This gives you the information you need to modify the customer service your business provides.

Improve the Waiting Experience

While the interactions you have with your customers is important, so is the time they spend waiting for your business to respond. This is exemplified when customers call your business with concerns they can’t handle without your help. While it may be necessary to keep them on hold for a short period, you should do what you can to assure them you appreciate their time. Using high quality on-hold messaging services can help you keep your customers happy and reduce hang-ups that could be costing your business greater customer churn. A good service will provide contemporary music and high-quality sound to ensure waiting customers can hear important messages.

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Hire and Train Motivated Employees

It’s important to recognize that you won’t always be the human face consumers associate with your business. In many cases, it will be your employees who add humanity to your brand’s identity, so you should feel confident they will present a positive image. This starts with hiring the right people. Even for positions that don’t really require special expertise, such as cashiers and janitors, you should look into each candidate’s employment history. You’ll want to look for candidates with a positive and energetic demeanor in addition to ensuring they’re honest and reliable. If they can’t greet customers with a smile or won’t go that extra mile to satisfy a disgruntled customer, they may not be ideal for your business or your brand’s image.

Make Sure Your Brand Expresses Appreciation

Never forget to show gratitude to your customers for choosing you over a competitor. In addition to training your employees to say “please” and “thank you,” you can also express gratitude in other ways. A free gift or discount from time to time can make your customers feel valued. Additionally, you should like and comment on the posts in which social media users tag your brand’s page. If they say something positive about your brand, share or retweet that post. By using these methods to show that you’re listening to your customers, you’ll encourage more interactions among your followers.

If you can come up with a few original ideas for enhancing the customer service experience, give them a try. If your ideas don’t work, you can switch to a new strategy. Consumers are fairly forgiving as long as you demonstrate an eagerness to adjust and improve the relations you have with them.

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