5 Fabulous Ways Home Renovation Professionals Can Market Their Business on Instagram

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Are you using Facebook to market your renovation business? Have you been sharing project updates on Twitter, yet have failed to see increased engagement from potential customers? Whether you are promoting your company on Facebook, Twitter, or even Snapchat, it is important that you integrate a strong visual marketing strategy into your brand building efforts. Instagram provides a powerful platform for brands of all types, including renovation professionals and construction companies. If you want to watch your social media engagement numbers skyrocket, here are five ways you can use Instagram to market your renovation company online:

Use Before and After Images

Posting before and after images on Instagram is essential for socially savvy renovation experts. Be sure to include everything from doorway shots to flooring and light fixture images. Add images of your crew hard at work too so potential customers know they can expect a professional crew on site.

Make A Collage of Images

Be sure to use collage images for your Instagram marketing strategy. Use a mobile app like PicCollage (pic-collage.com) to maximize the potential of your graphics. From a collage featuring multiple components of a bathroom renovation to a series of window shots, create a theme for your photo essays prior to sharing on social media.


Use Inspirational Images 

 Include inspirational renovation images into your Instagram marketing efforts. Add a text overlay to an image of an exhausted employee or opt for dream-inspiring graphics to catch the eye of potential customers. Whether you want to showcase how hard your employees work or you want buyers to imagine their home undergoing a renovation, inspirational Instagram images can have a long-lasting impact on social media.


Include Instagram Video Compilations 

 Don’t forget to incorporate video into your Instagram strategy. Post videos of your team tackling a tough job or videos of renovation reveals for happy customers. The more customers can feel the excitement in your video content, the better the chances are they’ll think of your company for their next upgrade.


Include Tool Shots

Add images of your team’s construction tools to your Instagram feed. From your employees sporting hard hats and hammers to nail guns and jackhammers, each picture highlights your company’s professional capabilities. Customers want to be sure they’re dealing with a professional construction company and not just a dude with a pickup truck. Let your tool shots reflect this professionalism.

Instagram can be a powerful resource for marketing your renovation business. Customers are far more likely to hire a contractor they’ve seen in action than one who just talks a good game. Spotlight your Instagram feed on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest so clients know the caliber of your work and your team’s work ethic. Will you be trying any of the above-listed tips to market your construction company on Instagram?

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